The secret to rotary die cutter stacker performance is simple ... get control of each individual die cut blank and keep it in control throughout the stacking process. 

The AGS XRI provides the right tools to do just that. The AGS XRI Rotary Die Cutter Stacker is a complete batch and/or stack system for rotary die cutters. It incorporates not only the standard features of the most popular competitive stackers, but also many new and unique features that provide further improvements in productivity and load quality.

At A.G. Stacker, Inc., we constantly strive to produce the best and most intuitive products available. Our motto is: "Committed to Innovation," and we are proud of what we do. We look forward to building a stacker for your company!


When it comes to bundle stacking, the AGS XRI Rotary Die Cutter Stacker is the premier choice.

An operator can easily setup our new stacker for automatic bundle stacking from the operator touch panel. Easy setup controls dictate forward movement of the conveyor, reversal of the conveyor for tighter stacks and number of bundles per load before releasing the load down the line. 

The option to choose whether to stack on a pallet or on the conveyor is done from the touch of a button on the operator panel (HMI). The stacker automatically calculates necessary height corrections without having to stop and calibrate the deck between jobs. 


Clearly, the AGS XRI Stacker is the best stacking option for your rotary die cutter. We also offer a down stacking function when our stacker is coupled with our X12 Lift Conveyor. We have you covered.


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AGS XRI Stacker Features

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