Complete batch and/or stack system for rotary die cutters

· Capable of running three out by four up rotary die cut blanks

· Easy setup for automatic bundle stacking from the operator touch panel

· Easy setup controls dictate forward movement of conveyor, reversal of conveyor for tighter stacks and number of bundles per load before releasing the load down the line

· Choose whether to stack on a pallet or on the conveyor from the touch of button on the operator panel

· Automatically calculates necessary height corrections without having to stop and calibrate the deck between jobs

· Assists in scrap removal

· Steers individual blanks into separate streams onto the stacking deck

· Creates accurate stacks and bundles

· Enhanced Remote Diagnostic System allows A.G. technician to access the stacker securely and remotely from anywhere in the world

· Layboy beater belt section with adjustable top and bottom layboy arms assist in scrap removal, accurately separate and steer individual blanks into separate streams onto the stacking deck

· Dual direction vibrator bar assists in scrap removal

· Four rows of angled brushes connected to a hand wheel for gang adjustment of the brush height for improved scrap removal

layboy to diecutter
snubbing wheel system

· Two 1-1.5hp scrap blowers with vari-speed control for accurate blower control and better scrap removal

· AccuSet layboy arm positioning system

 · Gang set zero crush snubbing wheels allows layboy snubbing wheels to be moved as a group, or individually, for better control of the die cut blanks

· Five-inch-wide deck belting on close belt spacing

· Rectangular aluminum deck risers to support belts on stacking deck

· Deck mounted zero crush snubbing wheels prevent blanks from nose diving into accumulating hopper

· Air stack system

· Solid aluminum backstop and stainless steel hinge

· 2 air-operated tampers that operator can cycle in or out to locate tamper position during set-up

· 4 aluminum dividers

· One-touch mid bar that can move all dividers and tampers in the machine direction with hand wheel

· Auto front end jam detection monitor

· Additional jog button located on back stop to easily clear jams

· Auto down stack cycle

· Automatic stack sequencing

· Patented AccuRack electro-mechanical accumulator system with 22” stroke replaces traditional pneumatically driven system with servo motor design that provides accurate positioning and automatic speed control

· Variable speed motor-driven adjustable air cushion manifold provides cushion of air to help blanks transition to hopper

· Full stack and batch capability with auto-batch building

· Automatic level bundle control

· Integrated PLC control system for full stacker control with drive side electrical panel for clear view of stacker

· Ergonomically mounted, user friendly, color touch screen

· Operator work center provides convenient area to write, store load tags or other supplies, incorporates key removal and lockout/tagout

· Photo-eyes for accurate counting and catching

· Tracking drives for layboy section and stacking conveyor

· Powered floor conveyor controls

· State of the art advanced hydraulic system and controls

· State of the art AC vector drives for layboy, main deck, and transfer deck

· Full machine motorized roll out

stacker safety system devices

· State of the art, patented Intelligent Safety System

    • · Detects personnel near machine’s hoper and warns operators when they are approaching a danger zone
    • · Prevents downward motion of main deck if operator continues into danger zone
    • · Prevents re-setting of system by second operator while a person is in a danger zone
    • · Does not require installation of stanchions to create a perimeter guard
  • · Deck lock out system allows mechanical locking of main deck (zero energy state) while deck is raised to allow safe access for cleaning and maintenance

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