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We offer preventative maintenance services to keep your line up and running efficiently.

When your equipment is maintained at the proper level, your crew can operate at theirs.



Preventative Maintenance Service Includes:

- Layboy Belt Replacement
- Layboy Sleeve & Bearing Inspection
- Broom Head Inspection
- Chain Inspection
- Wheels, Belts & Pulley Inspection 
- Check Bushings & Pins for wear
- Hydraulic System Inspection
- Hydraulic Filter Replacement
- Inspect & Lube Points as needed
- Safety System Inspection 

Detailed Evaluation & Efficiency Report provided to help increase productivity.

We carry a full line of replacement parts for our stackers, as well as upgrades and retrofits for most competitor stacker makes and models.  

When ordering parts, it is important that you list the part number along with the part name and your machine serial number. Certain parts may or may not interchange with stackers of other manufacturers, call to verify you are ordering the correct part. Customers can view our current parts manual for a visual reference, part numbers and descriptions.

SpliceMax Cordless Belt Welder

Why stress with a corded belt welder? The SpliceMax Belt Welder gives you the freedom of high quality welds, without extension cords. It's compact design is effective and safe, with no open hot blades, you can weld a belt in just 2 minutes!




Safety First!
Safety Managers will love this welder! The heating element is shielded, is only ON during the actual welding of the belt, and cools down quickly between welds. With no extension cords, there's nothing for your crew to trip over!


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AGS XRI Parts Manual

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Service Tip


Hydraulic fluid breaks down from heat, contamination, humidity & condensation. Replacing your stacker hydraulic fluid and filter as recommended will ensure long pump life. 

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