Featured Options

Quality & Safety

Sample Quality Rejection

Our SQR allows you to guarantee to your customers quality – automatically ejecting a sample at regular intervals, after a feed interrupt, or manually as needed through hard guarding.

Keeping your team safe + guaranteeing quality to your customer is the best of both worlds.

Multi-out made simple.

Divert & Separate System

The DSS is fully automated to seamlessly direct your blanks onto the desired path, from straight ahead to 4-out, with additional functions for shingling. The drag-and-drop style HMI makes setup a piece of cake.

Ease of use for your operator, optimal results for the customer.

No Feed Interrupt

High Speed Hopper Ejector

Our patent-pending HSHE with no-feed-interrupt comes prepared to deliver speed & efficiency. The no-feed-interrupt design allows one stack to cycle out of the hopper as the next builds. Always paired with our X12 to ensure quick ejection from the hopper, the HSHE offers the ideal design. 

Don’t stop, even for a second. 

Additional Offerings:

  • Automated Hopper Setup (pat. pending) – when accuracy & quick turnovers are of the upmost importance
  • Patented Flexi-Deck – for smooth transfers from the layboy section to the main deck
  • Patented Intelligent Safety System (ISS) – to protect your team with smart scanning & resets 
  • High Performance Layboy Section (HPLX) – heightened levels of control for even the most irregular blank
  • Patented Laser Line – easy layboy arm setup with a direct visual cue right on your dieboard
  • Remote Support – the remote diagnostic camera system that our service techs can access in minutes when you’re down, because every second counts